Tuesday, January 23, 2018


We spend most of our lives trying to dissipate our energy. Even if we don’t have enough energy we consume substances and engage in activities that dissipate what little we have. We do this because we live in a society that has an over-abundance of energy. Beef, dairy products, and salt are the foundation of our Western culture, all of which are high energy foods.

This diet has given rise to a sub-culture of dissipation: alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sex trades, partying, sitting in front of a TV or computer screen all night, and sugar and chemical laced convenience foods. It’s a standard of habits that we grow up in and get carried away with before we can gain an understanding of what we are doing to ourselves.

When we hit middle age, our body goes through drastic changes for various reasons. Our health begins to suffer because we have dissipated our supporting energy for so long that our organs begin to fail, we get cancer, and we become sickly shadows of our former selves. This condition is reversible if we are willing to put in the time and effort required.

The main hump to get over is that our habit of dissipation has trained us to be fearful of any kind of energy buildup. A healthy store of energy has become uncomfortable. Habit retraining and consumption of energy building substances while eliminating the dissipating influences will result in a healthier and more satisfying experience in our senior years.