Sunday, May 14, 2017

Couch Potato

Don’t feel like doing anything? Can’t get going with any projects on your days off or after work like you used to? It’s all about energy. When your energy levels are too low you naturally don’t feel like doing anything but vegging out; watching TV, the computer, or the phone. When you allow your energy to build up and stop all the dissipating consumption and activities, you will naturally reach a point where enthusiasm for new projects, hobbies, and chores will return as a side effect of having an abundance of energy. As long as you eat energy draining foods (sweets, fruits, highly processed, chemical additive laced), use energy dissipating substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, caffeine, etc.), expose yourself to harmful substances in your living environment (paint, plastics, exhaust fumes, petro chemicals, etc.) and engage excessively in energy draining activities (sex), you will be stuck in that semi-depressed existence of just enough energy to survive your day-to-day life, but not really enjoy it. 

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