Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stiff Joints

Stiffness and loss of flexibility generally attributed to old age (that can start showing up as early as one’s 30’s) is largely a result of how we eat in our youth. Diets heavy in meat and salt create a perfect storm of dehydration which causes the muscles and joints to lose elasticity.

Any type of prepared meat (muscle) such as sausage, bacon, cold cuts, cured, smoked, jerky, and pre-marinated, inject tremendous amounts of salt into the body. Salt is used as a preservative, taste enhancer, and to cure meats (curing reduces the moisture in meat). Our body must draw moisture from cells in order to generate urine to flush excess salt out of our system. Also, the meat creates high energy and heat which contribute to the excess-salt-induced dehydrated condition.

By simply eating uncured meats and focusing on reducing salt intake, we can greatly reduce the amount of stiffness we experience in our later years. Eating more vegetables and fruits or eliminating meat altogether will greatly enhance our ability to curb the effects of long term dehydration.

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