Saturday, February 25, 2017


Filled with regret and feeling bad about past actions? Feeling like your life is out of control? The old Sikh gurus of the Punjab had a recipe for solving these situations: vegetarianism, meditation, and fasting. The Sikhs believed that the mind was a separate entity that the soul picked up on its way to the physical world. It was used as a sort of diving suit to enable the soul to experience life through the physical body. The idea was to eliminate the ego (the "I" aspect of the mind) and reduce the emotions' control over your physical actions. This would allow the soul (the real you), through its connect to the universe (intuition), to make your every day decisions. This form of existence allows you to feel "right" about the results of your decisions whether they are seen as good or bad by others. This will keep regret from forming in the first place and allow you to feel in control of your own life.

This whole process is based on reducing your energy input through vegetarianism and fasting. These actions will calm the mind and keep it from filling your moment-to-moment experience of the physical world with constant chatter, speculation, regret, animosities, and insecurities. These various mental states color subsequent decisions, creating quite the tangled mess. Once your energy (and thereby the mental chatter) is reduced, you can use meditation to retrain your mind, disconnect your emotions, and allow your natural connection to the universe to shine through. Once the mind and the "I" separateness from the universe is reduced or eliminated, all of your past action regret will be dissolved by the total acceptance of yourself as okay and a natural part of the universe, regardless of outside or internal judgments.

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