Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Common Cold

Its cold and flu season once again! The weather is cold one day and hot the next. The extremes of temperature in spring can play havoc with our immune system and the energy balance needed to sustain our defenses. We eat to build our energy up on the cold days, then we are stuck with too much energy when the hot weather replaces the cold too quickly. The reverse is just as depressing to our system when we eat lighter energy foods on the warm days and then a cold front moves in and pushes our energy too low. This rapid cycling of temperatures makes our immune system susceptible to harmful microbe attack. The best way to keep your energy balanced during this time (and as a result keep your immune system in top condition) is to eliminate the extreme inputs and activities. Reduce or eliminate all forms of sugar, fruit, alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs on the energy reducer side, and eliminate or reduce red meat on the energy accelerator side.

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