Saturday, June 3, 2017

Environmental Impact On Our Immune System

Do your children get sick at the drop of a hat? Do you feel weak, foggy, or can't get enough sleep? How about suffering frequent headaches, stuffy nose, or allergies? Have you recently moved or renovated? The answer to your family's health problems may be chemical contamination of their living environment.

Newly constructed homes or apartments have building materials with chemicals that have not had time to off-gas as older residences have. Any repairs or remodeling also use new materials with fresh chemical ingredients that will evaporate into the air trapped inside closed doors and windows, contaminating the air we breathe.  Sheetrock, carpeting, paint, particle board, chip board, construction glue, paneling, new furniture, and insulation can all contribute to an air borne toxic brew. Some construction chemicals can take many years to evaporate to the point they can no longer affect our health.

Our body can filter out these chemicals but the process will depress our immune system to the point we become more susceptible to infections or sickness, tire easily, our sinuses plug up, and we get frequent headaches  Children are particularly vulnerable as their immune systems are underdeveloped.

Keep the windows and doors open as much as possible to allow the chemicals to be vented and diluted with fresh air. Buy a good living space air filter and keep it well maintained. Eliminating as many immune system depressing foods as possible will support the body by keeping it supplied with plenty of energy, as it works to filter out the chemical contaminants.

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