Friday, June 30, 2017


Looking at the substances we ingest (food, medical, recreational, cosmetic) from an energetic perspective can help us make sense of the reactions and symptoms we experience as a result.

Everything we ingest or slather on ourselves will be absorbed by the body and distributed throughout our internal systems by the blood. All substances affect us in three ways: 1) they will supply nutrients that the body uses for its upkeep; 2) they will provide some type of medical modifier (positive or negative) that will directly affect a specific aspect of our body; and 3) will have a raising, maintaining, or lowering effect on our overall energy level.

For example, if we take an herb or drug for its medical modifying properties without considering its overall effect on our energy level, we may suffer negatively from side effects. This perspective explains the wide range of side effects that can result from a particular medication and why it will “work” for some people and not for others. The variable is the individual and unique energy level of each person. When the energy level is considered and allowed to help direct treatment, side effects can be eliminated or greatly reduced and a much more effective solution found.

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