Sunday, July 16, 2017


Trouble with addictions? How do we know if we are addicted? An addiction is easily recognized when we feel the damage an activity is causing our body, mind, or life, but we can do nothing to change our behavior. If we ignore this behavior, our health and life can slowly degrade to the point we don’t have either.

Addictions (substances or activities) will eventually lower our energy to the point our immune and regenerative systems are negatively impacted. Even if we can’t eliminate the addictions, we can modify our diet and environment to help our internal systems keep up. Typically, it’s not the behavior per say that causes our health problems, so much as the fact we tend to not eat well while engaging in self destructive behavior.

If we review the food and substances we normally ingest, and replace energy lowering with energy raising versions, we can mitigate the negative consequences of addictions. Also, eliminating environmental chemicals that we may ingest through breathing, drinking, and physical contact will greatly help our efforts to maintain our health and lifestyle while we attempt living with our addictions.

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