Saturday, July 29, 2017

Prostrate Solutions

Prostate problems? Prostate issues are some of the simpler male health symptoms that can be remedied with the energy manipulation system.

The standard American diet, heavy in meat, salt, and dairy products, naturally tends to cause prostate cancer due to the extreme levels of high energy it produces. A precursor to prostate cancer is the symptom of difficult urination as the swollen prostate (caused by too much energy) pinches the urethra restricting the flow of urine.

When this symptom appears, simply reduce your energy intake by eliminating red meat, lower your salt and dairy intake, increase your consumption of energy lowering foods (such as fruit, sweets, and alcohol), and engage in more energy lowering activities such as heavy exercise and sex. Engaging in regular sex is a critical component of eliminating this type of prostate malfunction.

Depending on your stored energy load, you may need to eliminate all animal products for a while, just long enough for the symptom to go away. (This will also cure full-blown prostate cancer.) Then you can try eating various animal products until the symptom reappears. In this way you can discover your personal animal-product-induced healthy prostate energy threshold.

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