Monday, April 17, 2017

Insect Bites

Bugs...biting, buzzing, crawling, itching, little nuisances. A whole universe of tiny diversity that all seem like they want to take a little chunk of us with them. In doing so, they leave us with various reactions: irritated skin, red itchy bumps, swelling, pain, and general discomfort. Since the insects aren't going away, we should look at what we can do to ourselves that might reduce our suffering.

A bite can leave behind bacteria, viruses, and various insect bodily fluids. Our main defense is a strong immune and regenerative system that can quickly process these harmful and irritating vectors and eliminate them from our body. We must provide our body with a sufficient quality and quantity of energy to enable it's systems to do their job properly and quickly.

Ever wonder why some people don't seem to be affected adversely by bug bites? Its all about our energy quality and level. Those of us who maintain a high energy level, and don't load up on poor quality, chemical laced foods can avoid discomfort from bug bites far more often than those of us who don't.

Eliminate foods and substances that lower your energy (sweeteners, fruit, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, recreational drugs, excessive sexual activity, etc.) and eat more energy raising foods such as whole grains and meat. Also, consider eliminating highly processed foods with chemical additives as our body uses energy to eliminate these foreign substances that it could be using to strengthen the immune system.

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