Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Alternative Medicine

Using alternative medicine can seem like a suicidal dive off a cliff onto the rocks below. Successful use of alternative medicines and practices is all about making something real in your mind that wasn't before, and using something new when your health and/or life is on the line.

The term alternative medicine is a misnomer. The bulk of what is currently called alternative medicine is actually far older than Western medical science and provided 100% of the medical care for at least tens of thousands of years up until the mid twentieth century. In that perspective, mainstream medicine is actually the alternative medicine.

The problem with mainstream use of alternative medicine (herbs, crystals, muscle testing diagnosis, healing touch, diet change, etc.) is that you can't patent it, control the use of it, or corner the market on the profit made from it as its available to anyone to go out and harvest, dig up, or learn how to do. Somebody realized that human disease and suffering is a gold mine of potential profit, and in order to harvest those profits one has to control access to medicine and medical procedures, convince the general public that the freely available sources of healing don't work, and pass laws to make their use illegal. This is normal capitalist procedure applied to human suffering...acceptable when you are talking about commodities and widgets, but not acceptable when you are talking about human life.

Everyone is born with the authority to keep themselves healthy with anything that will help. We are taught to give that authority to certified professionals, corporate drug manufacturers, and the government. Take it back.

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